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Puppies Available -- general information and lists of currently-available puppies and adults, with links to their parents.

Stud Dogs
Active Studs:
U-CH Longplain Pegasus "Nick" (black, sires yellow)
U-CH Longplain Crispin Magus "Crispin" (black, sires light and dark yellow, may sire chocolate)
U-CH Longplain Saltus "Bouncy" (black, sires yellow, may sire chocolate)
U-CH Longplain Vortex "Windy" (black, sires yellow)
U-CH Longplain Nimrod "Nimrod" (yellow)

Historic Information -- corrections for historical and pedigree errors perpetuated by other authorities.
lesser-known Dual Champions
a pedigree history of early yellows in America
early chocolates in America
recorded instances of nonstandard colours

Historical Perspective on our Bloodline -- a tour through our Labradors' ancestry.

News, Achievements, and Hunting Stories
Longplain Amarillo Hunter   [photo]
Longplain Remi   [photo]

QuickList of Photos

QuickList of Pedigrees

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All Dogs on This Site -- may include pedigree, pictures, or both. indicates a photograph.
Ann's Two for Tea -- early chocolate
Argus Leader -- important yellow sire
Barnaby of Bryn
CH Beau of Humboldt -- brother to CH Tawny Moor
Beauty of Woldgate
Beaver of Bryn -- important sire
Betty Brown
Black Duke -- black with brown and white markings
Carl of Boghurst
Caumsett Buddy
FTC Chevrier's Golden Rod
CH Chevrier's Lion
Christina of Woldgate
FTC Cindie of Salomenson
Coffee of Bohland Hill*** -- chocolate littermate
55 NFC-AFTC-CFTC Cork of Oakwood Lane
CFTC Cutbank Bobolink
Dual CH-AFTC Dela-Winn's Tar of Craignook
Diver of Chiltonfoliat first AKC registered "liver" (but was he chocolate or dark fox red?)
FC-AFC Dusty's Dingo Duke   [photo]
Eli's A Comin'***
Gay's Playing Possum
Gingerbeer (6 generations)
Glenhead Jimmy  [photo]
Goldie of Goldie Land***
FTC Honey Chile Trixie
Itasca Blaze
Itasca Sandy
CH-AFC Jason of the Golden Fleece II   [photo]
FC Ju Ju Jives
FC-AFC Kalispa's Ee-Kwie
Kennoway's Fudge
Kennoway's Miss Fussit
FC Keno Ten Spot  [photo]
Kinclaven Lowesby
Kingdale's Belle
CH Kolaneka Mazda 2nd yellow CH (finished 8-44)
CH Land O'Lakes Sunburst***
Dual CH Little Miss Timber
Longplain group photo taken 1981 -- bottom of this page!  [photo]
Longplain group photo taken 2004 -- bottom of this page!  [photo]
Longplain Alecto  [photo]
Longplain Amarillo Hunter  [photo]
  1999 hunting season
  2000 hunting season
  2001 hunting season
  2002 hunting season
  2003 hunting season
  2004 hunting season
  2005 hunting season
Longplain Avis  [photo]
Longplain Bellerophon  [photo]
Longplain Caraid
Longplain Cavus  [photo]
Longplain Chimera In Argent  [photo]
Longplain Corvus  [photo]
U-CH Longplain Crispin Magus  [photo]
Longplain Devecta  [photo]
Longplain Double Barrel  [photo]
Longplain Double Hutch  [photo]
  Hutch's water entry  [photo]
Longplain Erra  [photo]
Longplain Event Horizon  [photo]
Longplain Faro  [photo]
Longplain Favonia  [photo]
Longplain Fifth Ace  [photo]
Longplain First Light  [photo]
Longplain Golden Bubbles  [photo]
Longplain Green Magic  [photo]
Longplain Gryphon In Brass  [photo]
Longplain Hazel Gertrude  [photo]
Longplain High Climb
Longplain Hyperion  [photo]
Longplain Illusion  [photo]
Longplain Irrelevant WC  [photo]
Longplain Kanake  [photo]
Longplain Karoly  [photo]
Longplain Korone  [photo]
Longplain Kouzlo  [photo]
Longplain Last Watch  [photo]
Longplain Mink of Fry Creek
U-CH Longplain Mirage  [photo]
Longplain Moonrust  [photo]  (bottom of page)
Longplain Neville  [photo]
Longplain Nimrod  [photo]
Longplain Nitida  [photo]
Longplain Nocturne  [photo]
Longplain Over and Under  [photo]
Longplain Parallax  [photo]
U-CH Longplain Pegasus  [photo]
Longplain Peppered with Shot  [photo]
  2002 hunting season
  2003 hunting season
  2004 hunting season
  2005 hunting season
  2006 hunting season
Longplain Peter Fopperly  [photo]
Longplain Radar Sweep  [photo]
Longplain Remi  [photo]
  2000 hunting season
  2001 hunting season
  2002 hunting season
  2003 hunting season
Longplain Rowdy Bunch CD  [photo]
U-CH Longplain Saltus  [photo]
Longplain Sea Raider  [photo]
Longplain Second Sight  [photo]
Longplain Shadow Magic  [photo]
Longplain Shadow Pirate  [photo]
Longplain Sidewinder  [photo]
U-CH Longplain Signifera  [photo]
Longplain Sinapi  [photo]
Longplain Smoke Ball  [photo]
Longplain Solis Orta  [photo]
Longplain Solista  [photo]
Longplain Starboard Wine  [photo]
Longplain Stars In My Pocket JH  [photo]
Longplain Stormlight  [photo]
Longplain Stormwrack  [photo]
Longplain Sunfire   [photo]
Longplain Sunstorm  [photo]
Longplain Suntar   [photo]
   front headshot  [photo]
   stacked photo  [photo]
Longplain Szarabajka
Longplain Telesis  [photo]
Longplain Tiger Bright   [photo]
Longplain's Tushai of Range  [photo]
Longplain Ventura  [photo]
Longplain Vortex  [photo]
Longplain Zabka  [photo]
Longplain Zipgun  [photo]
Longplain Z-Sting  [photo]
   silly happy picture  [photo]
   headshot  [photo]
Lorrenden Lulu Duke
Lorrenden Beauty
Dual CH Michael of  Glenmere
FTC Ming
CH M'Lord Mertland first yellow CH in America (finished 1-43)
FC Mueller's Stormy Canada   [photo]
FC-AFC Rascal's Double Trouble  [photo]
FTC Sand Gold Terry
CH Sandylands Golden Harvester 3rd yellow CH in America
Sapper's Dechutes Kim
Satan III***
CH Scarborough Shenka (6 generations)
FTC Sir Jock
Suffolk Barney At Sandbar WC JH   [photo]
Sunny of Southview
CH Tawny Moor
Texas Ranger Sage  [photo]
Timber Tick CD first yellow with an AKC obedience title
Virginia Vennie first AKC registered Lab
Virginia Myra second AKC registered Lab
Woldgate Bill black with brown markings
Woldgate Bud black with brown markings
Can CH Lochar Pirate ex Chevrier's Flash  early black/yellow/chocolate litter
Toyon Tawny ex Toyon Tiptoe  early black/yellow/chocolate litter

[Top] More coming soon!

Group shot taken 1981 (in Montana)

Longplain group shot taken Dec. 2004
Group shot taken 2004 (in California)

Longplain Kennels, Reg'd
Old-fashioned classic Labs since 1969
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