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Longplain Corax
2013 black female -- "Raver"

Raver is our 14th generation, and the best of our younger females.

Longplain Russet
2013 yellow male

"Russet" is owned and trained by David and Diane Herrand, who also owned his ancestor Texas Ranger Sage.


U-CH Longplain Olim
2010 blk
U-CH Longplain Some Other Time
2007 yellow
GRCH Longplain Vortex
2003 blk
xray clear 4 yrs
ACVO eyes clear 3yrs
U-CH Longplain Crispin Magus
1999 blk
Longplain Kanake
1993 blk
Longplain Golden Bubbles
2001 ylw
CERF LR-43754/04-38
U-CH Longplain Pegasus
1998 blk "Nick"
Longplain Smoke Ball
2000 blk
U-CH Longplain Corvus
2004 blk "Raven"
CERF LR-48427N/06-29
U-CH Longplain Pegasus
1998 blk "Nick"
OFA LR-150551-E84
CERF LR-38959/03-67
Longplain Z-Sting++
1993 ylw
Longplain Alecto+
1993 blk
Longplain Kanake
1993 blk -- "Click"
OFA LR-67328T-G24
CERF LR-15494/04-125
Suffolk Barney At Sandbar WC JH
1986 ylw (Eng.)
Longplain Favonia+
1988 blk
Longplain Aenigma
2007 ylw
U-CH Longplain Nimrod
2004 ylw
ACVO eyes clr 2yrs
Longplain Double Hutch
1994 ylw
OFA LR-73206G-30
CERF LR-44182/05-143
Suffolk Barney At Sandbar WC JH
1986 ylw (Eng.)
Longplain See No Evil
1990 ylw
Longplain Sunstorm
2000 fox red
CERF LR-38961/04-46
Longplain Z-Sting++
1993 ylw
Longplain Stormlight+
1991 fox red
U-CH Longplain Devecta
2001 ylw "Devon"
CERF LR-38956/04-28

dam of  UKC Best In Show
GRCH Longplain Tessera

Longplain Z-Sting++
1993 ylw
hips prelim good
CERF LR-38962/03-126
Longplain Suntar+#
1982 blk
Longplain Sidewinder+
1986 blk (Byc)
Longplain Sinapi
1998 ylw
Longplain Sunfire
1994 fox red
Longplain Caraid
1993 blk


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